Laptops, Netbooks


Startup Problems

Using the latest diagnostic software we can troubleshoot problems with your computer. We can diagnose your laptop within the hour!

Laptop Health Check

Hard Drives, Optical Drives. Operating system updated with the latest patches. Programs updated, Hard Drive defragmented and optimised. All System Fans and Heat Sinks (cleaned to minimize heat build-up), Hard drive, Screen, Power Supplies all internal components checked using the latest diagnostic software to ensure your laptop starts up & run's faster and crashes less.

Insurance Estimates

Should you damage your laptop and have the repair completed by us, our insurance report is free. A small charge is made should you choose not to have your laptop repaired.

Power Jack

If your laptop that has any of the following symptoms:
  • Flickering Screen from light to dim
  • Battery will not charge
  • loose DC Jack
  • Often changes from mains power to battery
In most cases all you need to do is have the "DC Power Jack" replaced on your laptop.